SG1Tech has long year experienced engineers to design all sort of HRSG- horizontal, vertical, IGCC, OTSG and WHRB. We have an experienced and specialized engineering capability to design and supply all kind of components of HRSG/WHRB.

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Pressure Parts

We design all components of pressure parts in HRSG and boiler - steam drum, superheater, reheater, evaporator, economizer, preheater and so on, in accordance with ASME SectionⅠ, PED, EN code.

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Non-pressure Parts

- SG1Tech designs non-pressure parts in HRSG and boiler - duct, casing, stack, steel structure, insulation & laggings by 2D CAD and 3D model in accordance with international code such as ASME, STS-1, UBC, EN, etc.
- We minimize the weight and cost by size and spec. optimization through verification with advanced analysis software such as Midas-Gen, Midas-NFX, CFD and so on.

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Exhaust Gas By-pass System

- SG1Tech also has design Capability of GT Exhaust Gas By-Pass System Composed of Diffuser, Transition Duct, Dampers, Silencer & Enclosure, By-Pass stack and Support Structure in HRSG.
- We optimize the specification to cut down the weight and cost by verification with authorized analysis software.

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